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Northern Stroll.png

A quick update.

A lot has changed in the year (sigh) since we posted here last. Viewranger was acquired and we've been needing to get to grips with the service, the pandemic continued, jobs changed, lives changed, and so did our web building service.

All in all these are all great things but they take time and investment we find ourselves short of occasionally. Plus, we would rather be outdoors than behind computers at the weekend!

This said, over the summer you will hopefully see our transformation completed, with new dynamic information, a much easier editing experience for us and more content for you.

When we started this, we never expected to accumulate nearly 50 routes and hundreds of reviews with an enormous amount of traffic to the website since the pandemic hit. Plus we have full time jobs (as you can see from the rather slow blog activity) so we will take our time and move content piece by piece into both a more dynamic format and on the new Outdoor Active service. As always, thanks for reading and hopefully see you out there! James and Adam.

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