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Northern Stroll.png

Submit Your Own Hike

We're in the process of trying to cover as much ground (literally) as we can. But even we can't begin to map all the hikes in the North in a reasonable amount of time. So we're asking you to submit your own for us to consider featuring on the site!

We won't publish every route and we have very high standards for the accompanying photography, so sadly a basic iPhone photo isn't likely to get a route featured. But we may cover it sooner to take our own photos, and still credit you for the route. 

What We Need

If you are going to submit a route to us, we need the following:

  • A GPX file of the route you took, or a waypoint map created in ViewRanger

  • A very high resolution image of an iconic or memorable part of the route, preferably with no people featuring in the image. If people do feature, they should be facing away from the camera

  • A brief description of the walk, including the time it took, how hard it was to complete, any difficulty underfoot or scrambling required, if the route is suitable for dogs, has toilet facilities etc. The more information, the more likely we are to feature your way

  • Explicit written permission from you on submission that we can use both your GPX file and image asa we see fit, including across social media and any future productions at no charge (but we will credit your image when we post it on social media)

  • Details of any social media account(s) you want us to credit the image to 

Please send all submissions to northernstroll(at) with the subject line 'Route Submission'.

We can't promise your route will be published immediately (or at all) but we'll be in touch regardless to let you know what we will do and to thank you for your submission. Remember, only the highest quality description and image(s) will pass muster so please do consider this before you submit.


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