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What and where is Teggs Nose?

Believed to have been occupied since the Bronze Age, Teggs Nose is a promontory that juts out overlooking Macclesfield Forest and several reservoirs.


Historically, Tegg's Nose was mined for gritstone to make millstones and building materials. However the hill and surrounding area now are part of a range of environments including moorland, meadow, farmland and woodland that are teeming with wildlife (and visitors!) Those visiting the area often come here for walking, horse riding, fell running, cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, sledging and fishing, so if you like the area, do come back!

Macclesfield Forest as a whole is a popular walking location year round for dog walkers and young families as well, just make sure to get there early. Parking is plentiful around the reservoir if you ever come back by car. We've a walk around the forest and Shutlingsloe as well, which you can find here.

Remember to stick to The Rules and have fun!

3-4 hours

6.8 miles

Macclesfield Forest

Get this route

Download our route and follow this yourself from either OS Maps or ViewRanger. OS Maps requires a subscription, which luckily you can get 10% off with Northern Stroll on any 12 month subscription. Check out our blog post for the code.

ViewRanger is free and much like OS Maps doesn't require any data to work. All you need is a GPS signal, especially if you have downloaded your maps beforehand. It also has OS Maps available as a layer inside the app.

Don't have ViewRanger on your phone yet? See our guide, or download it in your app store.

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Route overview

Within a mile of starting this route you will find yourself out in the open countryside looking down on Macclesfield and the surrounding villages, so give it a shot!

Starting from the train station, exit the station and turn left heading down the main road. Keep going until you reach a crossroads, with a memorial on the corner to your left. Keeping the memorial on your left, go left at the crossroads and up to the next set of traffic lights.

Cross the road (a 3-way junction) and then turn right heading away from the bridge, towards Windmill Street. On your left is a large building called Victoria Mill. Keep this building on your left and turn left onto Windmill Street. Follow this road all the way to the end, up the hill, through the industrial estate (fear not, green is on the way!), past the park and then over the canal bridge. It's a reasonably steep street, but keep going!

Right at the top you'll see a sign for Macclesfield Golf Club. Turn right up this track, but don't turn in to the golf club. Towards the end of the track there will be a stone stile you can step through, avoiding the private road the track turns in to. Step through the stile and keep heading in the same direction. You're now in the grounds of the golf club.

Keep heading in the same direction through the trees. You'll pass several 'crossroads' in the path, but go straight on and ignore them. Continue on this mud track as it starts to bend to the left with a stone building appearing on your right, and then follow through the open area towards another wooded space. (Take the time to look back on Macclesfield from here, if you wish!)

Head through the wooded area towards a kissing gate at the end of the track. Here the path will open up into open fields. Keep dogs on leads!

Continue to follow the path through the field, down and then back up into a slightly closer area of bushes - all the while following the path. You'll reach a pole with a public footpath sign attached - turn almost 90 degrees to the right where it indicates to go, and follow the path downhill through another kissing gate, over a bridge and then through two more gates back onto a road. This is the main road into Langley. Turn left and follow the road (Teggs Nose should now be visible to your front as well!)

Continue following this road as it winds its way past Langley Hall, through the village until you reach Coalpit Lane. Turn left onto the road, and then follow it all the way up. This is your ascent! 

Keep heading up (ignoring the track into the farm on your left as you do) as the road turns into Broadcar Road. Eventually you'll reach Teggs Nose Farm - just beyond the road into the farm there is a stile on your right. Take it, and follow the footpath parallel to the farm and beyond. Head of the stile at the far end, then another stile immediately in front of you.
Continue to follow the path around the edge of the field to your right, skirting the back of the farm buildings. You should see a track appearing above you to your left - follow the path until you can turn left onto it and then follow the gravel track. This will take you straight to the top of Teggs Nose! 

Enjoy the view.

When you're ready to come down, head back down the gravel path until you meet a gate on your left, heading down the hillside towards some water in the distance. Go through the gate and follow the path all the way to the bottom, through the wood and out the other side onto a car park next to the reservoir. Walk around the reservoir and come out onto the main road. 

PUB TIME - At this point, you can go left to The Leathers Smithy just up the hill, or turn right to follow the road back down the hill into Langley, where you can stop at St Dunstans Inn (both excellent). 

In any case to get home, you'll need to turn right and head down the hill, away from the reservoirs back into Langley. Follow this road through the village, and out the other side. Keep going past the stile you joined the road on at the start - it's all tarmac and roads from here. 

You'll pass the Church House on the edge of Sutton Village following this road (also a great pub) as the road bends to the right. Keep following the road as it does, down the hill, over a road bridge and towards the canal bridge. 

On the other side of the canal bridge is Ye Old Kings Head (outstanding pub) which is another potential boozer stop on the way home.

Continue on with the pub on your right and don't stop following the road all the way to the end, where it crests a bridge and arrives at a set of traffic lights. Turn right at these lights, and follow the main road all the way back to the set of lights you first turned up onto Windmill Street. Cross these lights heading back into Macclesfield Town Centre, and turn right at the memorial to be on your way back to the station. You did it!

Key things to know:

Time: About 3-4 hours at an amble

Distance: 6.82 miles

Elevation: 969 feet

Nearby pubs: The Leathers Smithy, St Dunstans Inn, Church House and Ye Old Kings Head are all excellent!

How to get here:

Take the train!

3-4 hours

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