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Our most popular walks from the 2020 lockdown

Lockdown isn't exactly over, but we've had a look at the most viewed routes on our site from April to August, and we've been pleasantly surprised!

(*Really important note: If you are in a local lockdown or similar, please don't come to these places. You'll put yourself and others at risk. We're only listing the most visited pages here, we're not telling you if they are suitable for your own situation. Apply healthy doses of common sense, regularly).

A man jumps with happiness because he's outdoors.
Styal Woods and Styal Mill

1. Styal Woods - Holy trousers batman, over 1,100 of you looked at this route!

2. Chinley Churn - Close to 700 people thought this was worth their time

Conveniently, or coincidentally, all these walks are pretty gentle going, and in the Peak District. Which is where we are now based...

We're working on adding new and quieter routes around the peaks so you can still get your outdoor fix but with less chance of bumping into people (metaphorically).


In the meantime no matter where you go, obey the Countryside Code, and leave nothing but footprints. Seriously, take your litter home!


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