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Northern Stroll reviews: The Olight M2R Pro Warrior

Please note, this light was provided to us free of charge for the purposes of a review. However all thoughts are my own, and they are very much the thoughts of a casual flashlight user!)

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What is the Olight M2R?

The M2R is one of Olight's 'tactical' torches. Designed to be used by the police, military or hunters, the M2R can be mounted and triggered using a separate pressure switch. The version sent to us by Olight to review is the 'Ocean camouflage' version, which seems to fit the bill! However, the tactical potential isn't why we are here.

Having now reviewed quite a few Olight torches (who have been extremely generous in supporting the site) I think I can say for hikers and the outdoor community at large this torch hits the sweet spot for power, range and portability. It is one of their stand out best sellers here in the UK, and it is easy to see why.

Our impressions

Whilst the Warrior X Pro has solid throw distance at 500 (and the Warrior Turbo is just obscene at 1000m) both of these focus in on one spot, and don't have the 5 mode adjustability and versatility that the M2R does. The Warrior Mini does have the 5 different modes, but its power falls short when trying to turn night in to day or getting you out of a troubled spot on a low light hike or photoshoot.

The M2R feels like the perfect balance. Big, but not too weighty or bulk you can't fit it in your pocket. A good throw of 300m, but enough flood width to allow you to see more of your surroundings than just blinding one poor rock in the distance.

Capable of producing 1800 lumens thrown over 300m, the Olight M2R Pro Warrior is no slouch when it comes to looking for an illumination powerhouse. With 5 brightness settings and over 10 hours run time on the medium setting (we left it on to check, it does) it is definitely capable of a lot, for a long time.

Like all Olight torches we have reviewed, the M2R Pro is waterproof, has been reliably tested to be proof against 1.5m drops. It looks tough, feels tough and is reassuringly weighty in the hand. The strike bezel is an interesting feature, but not one I ever intend to make use of if I can help it! It is rather sharp, and without taking care you can easily damage your pockets, jeans or jacket, so make use of the guard.

Interestingly like the Warrior Mini there are two buttons, one at the end and one on the neck, and you can use both at the same time, interchangeably depending on how you are holding it.

Also worth noting, in the box you also get a belt pouch and pocket clip, a charging cable, and wrist strap.

Specifications & technical stuff

Operational Modes

Turbo: 1800 lumens for 4.5 minutes, dropping to 750 lumens for 145 minutes and then down again to 250 lumens for a final 45 minutes

High: 750 lumens for 160 minutes then dropping to 250 lumens for a further 40 minutes

Medium 1: 250 lumens for 10 hours

Medium 2: 60 lumens for 40 hours

Low: 15 lumens for 130 hours runtime

Moon: 1 lumen for a massive 50 days runtime (If you need to see barely anything for 50 days)

Throw: up to 300m

Waterproof to: IPX8

Impact resistance: 1.5m drop rated

Weight: 179g including battery (which is relatively heavy amongst the Olight EDC

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