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Northern Stroll reviews: The Olight Baton 3 (Premium Edition)

Continuing our partnership with Olight we were kindly sent the new Baton 3 Premium Edition for a photoshoot and write up, and it has immediately become our favourite to carry out and about.

Capable of producing 1200 lumens thrown over 166m, the Olight Baton 3 on paper boasts a monster level of power relative to some of the larger yet still EDC torches like the Warrior Pro Mini. However, the size and relative power of this product, combined with it’s excellent (and extremely well designed) charging case makes it much more of a workhorse for our late night/dusk hikes and photoshoots compared with a somewhat overpowered Warrior X Pro or even Warrior Pro Mini.

Designed for ultimate portability with an impressive output, the torch itself is only 6cm tall, and just over 1cm in diameter so is extremely compact.

That’s small enough to fit within a pocket without much of a dent or being too visible, either on a chest, hip belt, handbag or jeans pocket (even that small one above the main pockets that no one seems to store anything in).

You can also carry the torch within the charger on multi-day hikes where you know you could be camping and don’t have to worry about bringing separate chargers or batteries etc, knowing all you would need for a full 3 days is in a package smaller and lighter than your mobile phone.

Like all Olight products we’ve reviewed to date, the Baton 3 feels very solid and great in hand. The build quality and attention to the packaging feels oddly reassuring, and you can tell you are looking at a top of the range, well engineered product.

Specifications & technical stuff

Operational Modes

Turbo: 1200 lumens for 90 seconds, dropping to 300 lumens for 75 minutes (hits out to 166m)

High: 300 lumens for 95 minutes (up to 82m distance)

Medium: 60 lumens for 7.5 hours (up to 38m distance)

Low: 12 lumens for 33 hours runtime (up to 18m distance)

Moon: 0.5 lumens for 20 days runtime (c.1-2m distance)

Throw: up to 166m

Waterproof to: IPX8

Impact resistance: 1.5m drop rated

Weight: 53g including battery

Similar to other EDC torches from Olight, the main button is on top near where you would naturally hold the torch rather than the charging end.

Pressing and holding the switch will cycle through the illumination modes, from moon through to high. Double-tapping the button will trigger ‘turbo’ mode from any prior setting, flooding the area with a surprising amount of output from such a small package.

As with other Olight torches, the Baton 3 is also waterproof, has been reliably tested to be proof against drops, and it charges proprietary batteries using a dedicated portable charger (itself charged via USB-C) which holds 3.7 charges of the Baton 3 within its own internal battery. Impressive and very much in line with a compact, EDC we would expect.

Our impressions

We absolutely did not expect that a flashlight with these dimensions would be able to produce such a significant amount of light or be so manageable. It has genuinely become my favourite Olight product we have reviewed to date and it’s exceptionally small size (including the charger) means I can carry it without a second thought, truly becoming an EDC alongside my phone, keys and wallet.

I find when I am waking up in the night to let the dogs out or getting up early it is the torch I keep reaching for. It’s also small enough you can balance it in your mouth if going hands free without feeling like you will snap your teeth or choke to death, but this isn't recommended nor in the user manual!

Olight are having a flash sale on the Baton 3 as of 19/03/2021, you can get an additional 10% off using the code NS10.

As with all Olight torches, we’ll update our review over time once we’ve put them through their paces over the coming months. For more reviews, hiking routes and all things outdoors, visit Northern Stroll at or follow us @Northernstroll


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