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Northern Stroll.png
Northern Stroll.png

New Route: Blencathra (Saddleback)

A picture of the summit of Blencathra
Blencathra's highest summit viewed from the route up.

This last weekend we summited Blencathra in possibly the easiest and perhaps least exciting way possible - straight up and down, no circular route and no hairy ascent/descent via Sharp Edge or any of the other more direct routes up the southern face.

Not to say this is a bad route, far from it. If you're just getting into your lakeland fells or are looking for the fastest way to bag this Wainwight, this can be done inside 2 hours without stops and still leave you plenty of time to explore Keswick, drink in the pub below or anything else that takes your fancy in the local area.

Highly recommended you tackle this one early in the morning as the sun rises as it will shine down the valley into Keswick directly, so for those photographers looking for an easy ascent with gear for some stunning morning shots, this is for you!

For those of you looking for a Sharp Edge ascent.. we'll get around to it!

Grab the route here and let us know what you think!


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