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It's International Mountain Day 2018

11th December is International Mountain Day (and has been since 2003 when the UN General Assembly said it should be so). Each year communities and organisations around the world hold events and campaigns to highlight the importance sustainable mountain development (given their importance to mountains to water, biodiversity, energy and more).

A heart shaped image on a mountain
Love our mountains

This year's theme is #mountainsmatter - stick that tag into any social media platform and join in the conversation.

For our part, we'd like to ask if you would consider donating to the British Mountaineering Council's #mendourmountains campaign. It only takes £1 but it helps preserve and improve pathways in all 15 of our National Parks (which we love).

Mend Our Mountains is for everyone who values the hills, mountains and landscapes of Britain. It aims to generate mass support for things we all use every time we head into the hills. (Paths, bridleways, bridges and more)

The current phase of Mend Our Mountains, is 'Make One Million', a year-long appeal to raise £1 million in total for a range of vital path repair projects within the UK’s entire family of 15 National Parks.

So get outside if you can and climb something big. And help us support a great cause to preserve our mountains so we all can enjoy them.

James & Adam


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