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Northern Stroll.png

Get 10% off an OSMaps Premium Subscription

Great news, in addition to getting all our routes on Ordnance Survey (and all future routes too) we've managed to snag a discount code for our followers.

Man lost in the woods
No more getting lost in the woods.

Simply use this link and enter the code NSTROLL during the purchase process to get 10% off a digital subscription to Ordnance Survey.

We use OSMaps inside ViewRanger as well as the main OSMaps tools and are in the process of reviewing both, so stay tuned! We won't ever recommend anything we don't use ourselves, you can be assured of that.

Full disclosure, that link above will earn us a (very) small amount of commission if you go on to buy the maps subscription. We provide everything on our site for free, so if you do go on to purchase a subscription, thank you. It helps support all we do.

James & Adam.


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