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5 ways to spend more time outside if you work in an office

Working in an office doesn't have to limit your ability to take part in and even win our #strolldontscroll challenge this May. If you're desk-bound there are plenty of ways you can increase your time outside whilst reducing social media time.

A girl in outdoor clothing looking out over a valley.

1) Switch up the commute

If you normally drive in, try taking public transport or parking slightly further away than you would normally. The same applies if you take buses or trains. Get off a stop earlier, or take an elongated way round to the office. You might need to leave your house earlier, so bear that in mind!

2) Take a lunch break

We're all guilty of not taking time away from our desks to get lunch or even eating it at our desks (I certainly am). Set your lunch break in your diary like a business appointment. Not only can no-one book anything over it, you've physically made time for yourself. Use that time to walk around outside and get some fresh air. You'll find you will think clearer after it too, so it will help your productivity (which you can tell your boss).

3) Use your evenings wisely

Don't just collapse in front of Netflix. With evenings getting longer and it being light well past 8pm, get out on a walk or a quick run. If you've got kids, bring them with you and reduce their energy levels!

4) Work as a team

Whether at work or at home, you'll be more likely to succeed if you don't do it alone.

If you want to get outside in your lunch break, find a colleague (or a friend who works nearby) and co-opt them into getting outside with you. You're much less likely to bail and let the other down (a bit like a gym buddy) and now you'll both feel the benefit.

The same applies at home. Whether it's a partner, neighbour or mate who lives nearby, tell them about your challenge and get outside with them.

5) Plan an adventure

Weekends are for walks, and we've got plenty of them. It doesn't have to be every weekend, but getting out at least once a month will massively increase your time outdoors and away from screens. Plus with all that fresh air and vitamin D, you'll sleep well after. If you aren't sure how to get started, we've got resources for that and Ordnance Survey has some great beginners guides.


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