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hiking | Grindslow Knoll

What and where is Grindslow Knoll?

Grindslow Knoll is a hill in the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, England. It is joined to Kinder Scout by a high col though from most angles appears as an independent peak. It is the high point at the western side of Grindsbrook Clough.

Although the high mass of Kinder Scout blocks views to the north, Grindslow Knoll is an excellent viewpoint stretching over a large portion of the southern Peak District and steep slopes to the Vale of Edale give a great sense of height. This route takes you up the popular Grindsbrook Clough. Expect a scramble over rocks!

Remember The Rules and have fun!

3-5 hours

7.5 miles

Peak District

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Download our route and follow this yourself from either OS Maps or ViewRanger. OS Maps requires a subscription, which luckily you can get 10% off with Northern Stroll on any 12 month subscription. Check out our blog post for the code.

ViewRanger is free and much like OS Maps doesn't require any data to work. All you need is a GPS signal, especially if you have downloaded your maps beforehand. It also has OS Maps available as a layer inside the app.

Don't have ViewRanger on your phone yet? See our guide, or download it in your app store.

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Route overview

Starting at Edale car park is the best way to begin this walk. Leaving the car park and slowly ascending up the road out of the town, turn right as you reach the end of the houses just after the Old Nag's Head and begin following the track. Once you reach the bridge and cross it, pretty soon it's into the Clough and to start scrambling. Make sure you are prepared! The view from the top is worth it though, check the gallery below for what you can expect to see.

The rest of the walk is fairly straightforward, across the plateau and down towards Edale Head House. The rest is plain sailing.

Key things to know:

Time: About 3-5 hours depending on your speed

Distance: 7.54 miles

Elevation: 1,607 feet

Calorie burning opportunity: Decent - roughly 1,400+

Photo opportunities rating: 8/10 if the weather is right

Nearby pubs: We couldn't pick one, Edale is full of great pubs.

How to get here:

Postcode: S33 7ZL

Google Maps link

Parking at Edale station car park does cost for the time out but take plenty of change and you will be fine. Use the Google Maps marker here or just search for it in your favourite search engine.

3-5 hours

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